An education at ѿ will always be worth so much more than the cost of the fees.


The cost of school fees is a significant investment for parents. We understand that.

But fees cover so much more than your child’s tuition. They enable us to build cutting-edge infrastructure and create a learning environment that brings out the best in each student.

We have a stated aim we call ‘The ѿ Impact’, designed to ensure that our students become strong thinkers, purposeful doers, powerful self-actuators and positive connectors. Values that will influence their whole lives.

You can read all about it in our prospectus.



ѿ’s fees also incorporate unique experiences, such as our Katitjin program. We are the only school in West Australia that gives its Year 8 students a term away from the classroom to take on a range of challenges, in order to grow their self-awareness and leadership skills.

Another uniquely-ѿ initiative is our Long-term Athletic Development program. No other school in WA offers a ‘Sport for Life’ culture that focusses on sports and health from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12.



We’re also leaders when it comes to our service for others. ѿ is the world’s number one fundraiser for the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life event, having raised nearly $500,000 in 18 years. On average, our students raise $85,000 per year for the community.

From our foundation in 1923 to today, ѿ has endeavoured to give students so much more than academic excellence for the cost of private education. We have a long history of shaping young people so that they’re emotionally mature, ready to think of others and make a mark in the world.

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2024 Fee Schedule & Business Arrangements

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