Years 9 to 12 | Boys only

The culture of Senior School is designed to empower young men to take greater ownership of their choices, particularly with respect to their learning (with appropriate guidance and mentoring). Students are taught by experienced specialist teachers in all subjects.

Our Year 12 results consistently demonstrate a strong academic culture and a drive for every student to reach his own personal level of excellence. In recent years, ѿ graduates have been awarded the Beazley Medal (dux of the state) and a Rhodes Scholarship entry to WAAPA, AFL drafts, along with countless other achievements.

Over 85% of students tend to follow a tertiary pathway, however, there are also a variety of vocational education and training opportunities for those who choose a more ‘hands-on’ experience.

The Pastoral Care structure during the senior years is designed to ensure every boy can develop a close bond with a consistent adult presence at ѿ, known as their ‘mentor’. There are usually 12 students in each mentor group, the aim being to ensure a 1/12 teacher-student ratio. A student is allocated their mentor group in Year 9, and remains with that same mentor right through to Year 12.

Mentors have responsibility for the overall well-being of students in their mentor group. Social and Emotional curriculum is taught as part of the mentor program and includes programs such as Keys for Life (safe driving skills).

From Year 9 onward the boys are expected to become more independent and accept greater responsibility for their studies, sporting commitments and co-curricular activities.

Year 10 — A Year of Exploration

Year 10 is known as the Stocktake Year. With the broad range of post-school opportunities now available, both in terms of further study and employment, students can begin to pursue their interests and talents from Year 10.

Some boys will already be clear about their chosen pathway, whereas others will want to explore a range of options. Students are encouraged to consider individual interests and abilities. Year 10 is an opportunity to explore subjects of interest in greater depth.

In the Stocktake Year, subjects are available on a semester basis, allowing students to design their own academic program from a greater range of choices. At the end of the year, the aim is for students to make better decisions with regard to the direction they wish to take for Years 11 and 12.


Attentive teachers


Years 11 and 12 — The Role Models

Students in Years 11 and 12 are role models for the rest of the College, and they contribute significantly to the culture of the school. Pursuing and achieving excellence in academia, sport, the arts and community service, ѿ’s senior students represent the College with passion, pride and spirit, with the full support of a vibrant College community.

The College has an impressive range of courses available, providing maximum opportunities for Years 11 and 12, and ensuring these students have every opportunity to achieve their personal best. Support and guidance around course selection is available from mentors, specialist teachers and the Academic Dean.

The extensive range of subjects is taught by specialist teachers, many of whom have attained a high level of award and attainment in their own right. ѿ invests significantly in recruiting the best teachers, and in those teachers’ ongoing professional learning and development. Along with a student’s core academic pathway is an array of co-curricular opportunities, and many boys excel in both. Indeed, the most commonly quoted benefit of a ѿ education is the myriad of opportunities, and the long term positive impact of a student making the most of those opportunities during their ѿ career.

Vocational Education and Training

ѿ also offers a variety of VET programs and provides support to students who wish to pursue a school-based traineeship/apprenticeship during Years 11 and 12, enabling them to achieve basic certifications.