Dec 19 The ѿan

The ѿan, Summer 2023

The 2023 Summer Edition of TW is here! In this FUTURE edition, we look forwards, to the next century of ѿ’s remarkable journey.

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Dec 18 Academics, Announcements

2023 ATAR students shine bright in our Centenary year

We’re pleased to celebrate the Class of 2023 and their outstanding ATAR performance, dedication, and academic rigour.

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Mar 30 School News, Sport

ѿ wins the PSA Tennis competition

ѿ has won the PSA’s Tennis competition, taking home the Corr Cup for 2023!

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Nov 16 Athletics, Opinion, School News

ѿ Tops the Test Tally

No school has produced more Australian Test cricketers this century than ѿ, according to a News Corp report.

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Nov 7 Announcements

ѿ wins Most Innovative School award!

ѿ has been named as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Schools, for the third time. How it started and how it’s going… 100 years ago this week the first stones were laid in the building of ѿ. Now, a century later, we’re proud to announce that – today – we have been presented…

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Jul 18 Opinion

Why I Joined CEOs for Gender Equity

ѿ has long been invested in equality. But our Head of College, Mr Ross Barron, joining CEOs for Gender Equity, sends a clear public message about our beliefs. Here, he explains his motivation.

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Jun 28 Teacher Spotlights, The ѿan

Spotlight On: Mrs T’Ann Steel

A fantastic Middle School teacher, but she could very easily have been a dancer, or hairdresser, or mechanic…

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Jun 19 Opinion

ѿ leading the way in men’s wellbeing awareness

ѿ students and staff gained valuable insights into men’s mental health and wellbeing from industry leaders at the WA Men’s Wellbeing Conference.

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Jun 12 The ѿan

The ѿan, Winter 2024

In our Olympic special, we delve into the impact of sport on our lives and catch up with some of ѿ’s Olympians.

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May 31 Teacher Spotlights, The ѿan

Spotlight On: Mr Bundi Dingjan

Middle School teacher Mr Bundi Dingjan has been at the College for nearly 10 years, in a wide range of roles. He’s proudly ѿ to his core.

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May 27 Opinion

Vision to reality: Indigenous socks honour culture

In a powerful display of cultural pride and unity, ѿ athletes have embraced custom-designed Indigenous socks during the PSA Indigenous Round.

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May 13 Interviews & Spotlights, School News

From Canvas to Conversation, with Joanna Lamb

Australian artist, Joanna Lamb, joined us to share insights into her work and her inspirations.

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May 10 Opinion

Dads on the Green

With over 80 dads and father-figures in attendance, the inaugural P&F Dads on the Green has been a resounding success!

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Apr 29 Interviews & Spotlights, Teacher Spotlights

Spotlight On: Mr Nathan Jessup

With Head of College, Mr Ross Barron, spending his one-term sabbatical meeting industry leaders and Old Collegians around the world, Deputy Head, Mr Nathan Jessup, has taken the helm. But what makes Mr Jessup tick? Let’s find out!

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Mar 26 Interviews & Spotlights, Teacher Spotlights

Spotlight On: Ms Ashton Arthur

Middle School teacher Miss Ashton Arthur is die-hard Dockers fan who believes a Premiership on the horizon. She also believes in learning from setbacks.

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