ѿ offers a fully embedded Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) and High-Performance program that has a positive, lifelong influence on all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.


Driven by a ‘Sport for Life’ philosophy, the LTAD program measures its success by assessing, programming for, and supporting all students through its 3 Tier Model.


Tier 3
Tier 3 impacts all students through Sport, Health and Physical Education, UniGym, and Junior School We Dare You Clubs. This is done through assessment, reporting, individualised programming, and group interventions, aiming to educate and upskill students on their physical development, knowing the lifelong healthy habits and routines this will create.

Tier 2
Tier 2 provides Sports Science, Nutrition, and Strength & Conditioning support to 1st team Sports like Football, Rowing, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Soccer, Water Polo, Hockey, Basketball, and Volleyball. Providing students in these sports an opportunity to learn how to train, analyse, and develop their performance is how success is measured here.

Tier 1
Finally, the LTAD Tier 1 program is designed to support those students with high-level sporting demands through the State and National programs they are a part of. Students in this program have an LTAD Mentor, undertake frequent sports science screenings, have individualised physical preparation programs, see our Sports Dietitian one-on-one frequently, and are guided by our Physiotherapist during Pilates reformer classes. This program aims to be the most holistic, evidence-based program in a school setting, and is on par with most elite sports programs in the country.


The breadth and depth of this program is unlike any other in Australia and is ѿ’s unique response to championing a holistic sporting and health education program for all students.

If you would like to hear more about the program, please contact our High Performance Manager, Dr Daniel Hiscock by clicking here.

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